Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Christ is Risen! Christos Anesti! Christos Voskrese! Al Massih Kam!

     This letter is to inform the parish faithful of Sts. Constantine and Helen in Mansfield, Ohio of the POTENTIAL, LIMITED REOPENING of our parish. His Eminence Metropolitan Savas has released a plan to reopen our parishes based on “Yellow Phase Entry Guidelines.”  I am releasing these guidelines in anticipation of our potential opening. We have not yet received the blessing to offer a limited opening but when we are I hope that this information will help our parish faithful to be properly informed.

     First, anyone who chooses to enter the parish once the permission has been granted, must have familiarized themselves with the “Yellow Phase” Packet and all attached documents in their entirety.  It is our intent to follow all of His Eminence’s directives as best as we are humanly able, no exceptions. This cannot happen without everyone’s help in complying with all of the directives. 

     This virus has the potential to attack all persons, none are exempted. The Holy Orthodox Church has experienced worldwide loss and death. In addition to the many deaths of our beloved laity throughout the world, our Holy Church has lost bishops, priests, deacons, and monastics in many parts of the world to Covid-19.  While we are called to pray for these beloved persons, we must not take reopening lightly. Mt. Athos has closed itself to all visitors until further notice, and several monasteries have been ravaged by sickness and even death because of Covid-19. Please keep all of these things in mind as you read the directives.

  1. The Yellow Phase opening is limited to a total of 25 persons. That means we may have to rotate our participation until the next phase so as many people as possible can participate. Once the church has been opened to Yellow Phase Status, please call Fr. Michael Ellis directly at (m) (724)301-1930 or (h)(419)775-5538 to reserve a spot. No one who has not been pre-approved may come into the church. Once the total capacity of 25 persons is reached we have been directed to turn additional participants away until the next week. This protects all persons who have called ahead and prepared properly.

  2. Masks will be MANDATORY FOR THE WHOLE SERVICE. You will need to bring your own mask, or for a $1.00 donation, disposable masks are available at the door. If you do not wish to comply with this rule, you will have to wait until the church opens without restrictions in order to attend. No mask, no admittance.

  3. Any persons who are sick or whose immunity are compromised SHOULD NOT ATTEND! This includes anyone with pre-existing health conditions involving the lungs, the heart, or those who suffer from diabetic or weight concerns. This also includes any and all persons OVER THE AGE OF 65. This is a directive His Eminence and the committee that serves him strongly agrees on. His Eminence has not even allowed Clergy over age 65 to offer Liturgies during the quarantine and has himself remained in quarantine. This directive is not permanent, but will only be lifted when the time is right.

  4. If you wish to attend, please read all of the documents included: 1) His Eminence's Cover Letter 2) the Parish Cover Letter 3) Yellow Phase Entry Sign 4) Agreement for Reopening and 5) The Road Ahead - Metropolis of Pittsburgh Yellow Phase.

    "His Eminence's Cover Letter"

    "Yellow Phase Entry Sign"

    "Agreement for Reopening"

    "The Road Ahead"

    "The Road Ahead" (in Greek)