Provide an offering for the work of our Parish!



The work of our Church never ends. The Church has practical expenses which include electricity, heating, cooling, and insurance. We employ clergy and maintenance personnel.  We do all of these things precisely so that we can serve the work and ministry of our LORD AND SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST! 

We have people to love and teach, children and adults to baptize, couples to marry and sins to be confessed!  We have no identity as Christians which is apart from our worship of God. We must keep this church alive and well for generations to come. Please be as generous to the church as God has been generous to all of us!

By clicking on the link below, you will have an opportunity to make an offering and donation to the work of our parish.

You can do this with your check/credit card as a one time offering or as a recurring offering!  We thank you for your time, attention, and commitment to His ministry! Christ is Amongst Us!